Paolo Tuccito, 41 years old, lives in a small town in Piedmont with his lovely wife Barbara and their three beautiful children, Sofia, Jacopo and Alice.

Sommelier out of passion, he has a Bachelour Honour in Business Administration, passionate for sports, he has a 20 years lasting career in tourism and previous experiences as University Professor.


“Within every single bottle of wine there is a whole world that goes from the producer to the land, from history to dreams. The curiosity to discover this world and the love for wine, lead me to study and develop ideas and projects aimed to promote, through my Somellier experience, the secrets and the superior qualities of Italian fine wines, in Italy and abroad.

You can meet me at the starting line of a marathon around the world, with a stem glass in a wine bar, at the stadium for a soccer game or shopping in a town’s market. But my dream is still an Autumn night home with my family, with the parfume of a beef stew rising and a freshly poured glass of wine.”  Paolo