Each wine… always begins with a rejection, done gracefully or rudely according to the disposition, and in the end it will grant iself only to whom aspires to its soul as well as its body. It will belong to the one, who knows how to uncover it with the utmost delicacy”. 
Luigi Veronelli


Discovering our senses
An expert at your disposal for a special evening or to enrich a dinner with friends talking about wine. The service can include also counseling or the providing of the bottles to go along with the meal you prepared for your guests.

On the pleasure of knowledge
Classes and personalised meetings in a location of your choice or simply a few hour of deepening to knowing something about what lies into our glasses.

Snuggles for your palate
Private mini tasting with matched gastronomic products (meditation wine, chocolate, distilates, cured meats and cheese). For an afternoon with friends or to close in a original way an evening.

Looking for the myths
Evaluation of wine farms and private collections
Wine scouting for gifting, tasting sessions, collections and investments.
Professional counseling over how to organize and furnish your personal wine cellar, for your own pleasure or to invest in history.

Donate an emotion
We create together a unique experience for the person you are thinking about. An original and exclusive gift.

Around the world
Visit with us the places and the best wine farms where great Italian wines were born.


Artistic emotions
Works of arts that talk about wine, built with wine, that represent wine …..Wine is art!


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