Going beyond the just “eat and drink”

IMG_5254I start today my first blog ever with the emotion of the the first day of school (or so they say… To be honest I do not recall that day) and the humilty of the beginner. My main emotion is enthusiasm though, the enthusiasm of sharing a path originated from my passion for food and wine, along with the consciousness of the strong bond that these two elements have with our history.

My purpose is not teaching how to cook or how to taste, but to discover together the beauty that lies in fully enjoying and appraise what we have in our plate and glass, going beyond the bare “eating and drinking”. Exploring every single dish, pausing at every sip and trying to make complete, with all our senses, every single moment of a dinner with friends, with your partner or your family. A dinner with history and our very future.

Visual and gustatory feelings, search for products and producers, since every dish and every wine has its own history and meaning, useful to build up your own wine and food memory.

And now… Let us get started.

For a dinner with my family I prepared a red sauce stew with mixed meats, sausages and pork ribs, slowly cooked and enriched, in a second moment, by red sliced onions.

After three hours on the fire, opening the lid praises you with feelings that go beyond words: a heady and strong smell of salsa and the light aroma given by the mixed meats overwhelms you completely, and it is so rich that makes you perceive with your nose the sense of completeness that your mouth will experience when tasting it

To allow a better merge among the various ingredients I would suggest to eat it up the day after you cooked it.

The wine to go along with this dish had been lying in my wine cellars for weeks: 6 bottles with a sad and moving story. A purchase that, as odd as this may sound, changed my life

Today I will only tell you about the wine: Val dei preti 2010, nebbiolo 100%, sold for 24 euro per bottle in wine shops, Azienda Matteo Correggia in Canale. But shortly, in the news section, I will tell the whole story of this winery: a story, as I said, moving and sad, but at the same time full of strenght and love.

Let’s eat now!

When tasted, the stew will immediately trasmit you a good succulence (it will most definetely make your mouth water) coming from the tomato sauce and the spices. After starting chewing, this feeling goes very well along with the consistency of the various meats and the softness and slight sweetness of the stewed onion slices.

The wine, pomegranate-colored in the glass, reminds the nose redberries and flowers with a slightly spicy hint. And if the stew makes your mouth water, alcohol (the heat feeling) and tannin softness (the feeling of slight astringency) reach perfectly the goal to “dry it up” , and to give right away a feeling of cleanness that will be even stronger thanks to the mild salty sensation (the Roero and its “marine” past) that will compensate the soft sweetness of the onions.

Food and wine has very similar structure and persistency, without one taking over the other: something that make perfect the harmony of the match.

I have tried to describe you, in a few words, one dish and one wine, sometimes using technical terms. But I tried to explain their meaning on a “feeling” level, with the purpose of drawing you closer to the magical world of tasting. My purpose is not to make you become professionals, but to make you explore, try, experiment and remember.

Every time you eat a meal or drink a wine, go deeper, check out the recipe, collect feelings, remember the emotions, get informed over who produced it, read their stories. Fully enjoy this heritage.

If you want more details over the recipe and the wine just write me..

Talk to you soon